Friday, June 13, 2014

Human Resources and Organizational Development

Our Human Resources are the our most important asset.
The human person is at the CENTER of our 
developmental activities.
The organization SUCCEEDS BECAUSE
our people possess the COMPETENCIES
that make it productive, and are
MOTIVATED to contribute their share
to this success.
And they OWN this success!

Culture-Based Strategy for Change and Development
 Tristan H. Calasanz
Vice-President, Utility Operations

This paper was presented by the author at the Conference on Electric Power Supply Industry held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 1-5, 1980, and revised for the May 1982 Conference of the Philippine Society for Training and Development

Preface of the President, National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR)

When I assumed office in 1978 as President and Chief Executive Officer of the NAPOCOR, one of the priorities we had to establish was a framework for managing change in the organization. 

The task of managing change was as crucial as the other missions that we had to undertake like maintaining the financial viability of the corporation and pursuing our social obligation to the population. There were a thousand and one things that had to be done at the same time. We tried to effect changes by delineating operations according to functional groups, elevating organizational units and certain managerial positions, adopting the profit center concept at Utility Operations and the matrix set-up in Engineering, etc. We had to effect and manage these changes if the organization had to respond to the challenge of its national mission. 

The NAPOCOR Strategy for Change and Development provides a culture-based framework for such changes that have been effected in NPC over the past three years. 

The foundation of the change strategy is the Filipino, both as an individual and as an element working in a synergistic fashion with his teammates in the organization. Every employee in the National Power Corporation is this human person. 

Gabriel Y. Itchon