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A video of producing electricity, safe water to drink, sea salt, and drying energy using ONLY ONE fuel source. This system cascades energy down the line. Lithium-Bromide heat pumps use the energy of the exhaust gas from the gas turbine generator. This link brings you to the VIDEO.

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National Power Corporation of the Philippines
-- Power Utility Operations
-- Human Resource and Organizational Development
-- Plaque of Appreciation given by the Governing Board
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-- RESUME ( LinkedIn | EnergyResume | AcademicsResume | ElectronicsResume )

-- Introduced innovative approaches to the management of human resources, that prepared the Corporation to migrate into autonomous Regional Centers operating under the profit center concept.
-- Developed a Nuclear Training Program that has been adopted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), in 1976, as the model for 45 developing countries.

BEYOND Cogeneration and Trigeneration
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A Prototype for ALTERNATIVE Hybrid-Electric Vehicle System
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-- My IEEE Presentation (abridged)
-- IEEE Website - A Technical Paper that I presented at the International Conference, entitled, IEEE 2005 Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, held at the Illinois Institute of Technology, in Chicago, in September of 2005

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-- A Technical Paper that I presented at the LinuxFest Conference, held at the Bellingham Technical College in the State of Washington
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-- This site gives you the opportunity to feel the enjoyment that we experience as we perform our experiments.
-- A Sample Semester of Computer Interfacing
-- Sample Methodology
-- Sample Syllabus
-- Sample Listing of Group Thoughts in a Brainstorming Session
-- Project Turnover Ceremonies
-- Closing Statement

-- A paper, which my daughter submitted to Prof. Zosimo Lee, Ph.D. on March 16, 2002, for her course in Philosophy of Education at the University of the Philippines
-- My Teaching Philosophy:  "The classroom is the platform for the growth of human beings. Teachers manage this platform by facilitating the creation of an environment, where the human being’s "freedom to think" is unleashed and enhanced."
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New Energy Policy
-- A presentation of my recommendations based on my experience in managing a large National Electric Power Utility, and in my experience in Energy Management Consulting
-- A presentation of an "off-grid energy system", or sometimes called, "decentralized energy system"

My Old Site and Advocacy Entry Page

This page and most of the pages linked to it preceded this blog. I built these pages using html with my NOTEPAD. 

Fun fun fun ! ! !

Lauriat - A Celebration of Family

My wife just released her new book on Amazon, and CreateSpace 

" . . . . Marvel at the vast array of exquisite dishes in a Chinese lauriat that brings out the freshest and the finest culinary master can offer, and how this family celebrated because of a father who believed that "tsia si hok" eating is prosperity.
"Discover the timeless maxims that helped shape a whole generation and kept them grounded.

"Take a front row seat to see how children of Lydia's generation took to their studies and gather hints on how to raise children who enjoy going to school and turn out more than well.
"And most of all see how food acts as the binding gel of childhood, camaraderie, community, a LAURIAT, truly A CELEBRATION OF FAMILY.

Excerpts taken from the book's blurb  

This is my old Heavy Rain Forecasting site.  My last forecast was July 10, 2000.

I am quoting my old introductory note:

Year in and year out, the Philippines is visited by heavy rains, which wreak havoc and devastation on its economy.  The sad aspect is that these rains come EVEN without the presence of typhoons.

Although we do not have radar instrumentation to guide us, the internet abounds in weather data for us to go by.  All our data will be solely and exclusively sourced from relevant internet sites.  These will include satellite images, ocean surface temperatures, wind direction, and personal estimates.  We will limit our postings to heavy rain estimates, which may cause flooding at specified areas.  We will also provide the approximate time the effect would be felt, and the estimated time duration.

For sure, our data cannot be as accurate as those derived from radar instrumentation and the like, but we know that we will be within that proverbial "ball park".