Friday, June 13, 2014

Beyond Cogeneration and Trigeneration

The image above is the design concept for a combined
electrical power, heat, cooling, and drying facility.

Note that the use of "heat pumps" enable us to derive
more work from the fuel, than we could if we only
depended upon the conventional methods,
without the heat pumps.

I led this Stage 1 portion in 1998.

This is a US$65-million cogeneration facility. The electrical output of Stage 1 was to be 65 megawatts, and the chilling output was to be 50 megawatts at 6 degrees Celsius.

Stage 2 would have incorporated dryers for
farm produce, meat, and fish, to make use of the
exhaust energy from the heat pumps.

The figure above is Stage 1 as
tendered and awarded in 1999.
Big multinational engineering companies 
participated in the bidding process.